Bet Chelsea and Learn More about Wagers on Football

March 30th, 2011

Football or soccer as it is often called to differentiate from American football; is the most popular sport in the world and if you are going to Bet Chelsea as your preferred British team, then you have a good chance to win. Many sports fans bet Chelsea and win, and have been supporting this team for years. They are a member of the English Premier League, established in 1905 and they are a top team. If you have never bet Chelsea before the reasons for doing this are quite clear; a bet makes the game playing more exciting to watch, it also allows the punter to test their knowledge of a team and basically put their money where their mouth is.

Because football is such a popular sport there are always going to be games played and because you bet Chelsea, there will always be a match to be watched. There are tons of different wagers for this sport and these ranges from straight bets to goal-scorers and even futures such as the winner of the next UEFA or even more local championship tournaments. Effectively football provides the punter with the ongoing possibility to make sports bets regularly and even bet Chelsea just as regularly too.

There is a great deal of value to be found in taking wager on popular sports – even online sports books are not able to price every eventuality correctly because there are so many variables. Three team parlay accumulators are a great bet to take if you are new to this game and you can still bet Chelsea this way. Simply make them one of the teams on the parlay wager; provided they are playing of course. Parlays are easy to win and this is a great way to boost a new bankroll. The aim of every new sports betting fan, is to boost their bankroll.

There is so much passion in football that betting on this sport has become a universal pastime; its popularity is what keeps many online sports betting sites ticking over. Therefore it also stands to reason that when you bet Chelsea, different odds will be offered by different sports betting sites. While it is not the one thing to move from site to site seeking out the best odds every time a bet is to be placed; it is still a good idea to find sites that offer good odds as well as a lot of different betting options. The more wagers the punter can place, the more choice they have and this makes it more fun.

Always be sure to be at least reasonably knowledgeable about any team you fancy. Read about them on their website, although many sports betting sites offer good tips when you bet on these teams. Make sure you know who is out of play due to injury and if you find the best odds for a parlay accumulator wager, the chances are that a good amount of money can be made for a relatively small bet. You can win a lot of money like on casino777 website!

Players and free online casinos

August 27th, 2014

With the raise of new technology products, online casinos have begun offering casino games on the net. They provide complete satisfaction to their players thanks to their rich catalog of games; most of those players become loyal customers to these gambling rooms. On their agenda, those online gambling platforms propose players various tournaments and competitions with numbers of prizes to be won. Moreover, those services promise to be attractive and fun.

All you need to start playing in these casinos, and especially to enjoy some advantages and promotional offers, is simply to sign up at one of the casino rooms online. For new members, a casino welcome bonus awaits them once their accounts created. And they can play for free. These new players ca also enjoy the best casino bonuses. Driven by the desire to win more and play again and again, many players then begin to wager on their own money, which will eventually help online casinos run. Without a single doubt, these players help e-gaming platforms run as they grow in number, all seeking victories and proving their values to the world of online gaming sites.

PokerListings: Yngve Steen, one of the fittest contenders for PokerListings “Rising Star”

August 13th, 2014

The list of nominees for the PokerListings Rising Star Award 2014 has just been unveiled. It is a great event that allows the most promising poker player (in the course of this years’ session) to win a trophy. Among the nominees include the young Norwegian Yngve Steen. He is among the favorite candidates to claim the “Rising Star” title. Despite his young age, 22 years-old Steen has already had loads of wins in his career accomplishments.

Besides, he won the Norwegian Championship’ title in Dublin, and was named "Player of the Championship" for winning one event and final-tabling two other tournaments in the Series. He is a formidable poker player, the skills of whom frighten Elisabeth Hille. The latter even said she hoped to never sit at the same poker table with him again. In fact, she was literally crushed by the young Norwegian in the heads-up championship in Dublin.

Basket: LeBron James as free-agent

July 18th, 2014

Two years before the end of his contract, LeBron James lets the release clause of his contract acting, which is going to make him a free-agent during the whole summer 2014. But there is still some doubt hanging over concerning the future of this star of the Heat Miami because of the waiting on the situation of two other players, namely Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. How will become James’ career in Florida? Will he got an increase or transferred to another under franchising team? In the first case like in the other one, James is sure to inflame the market of sports betting. Will he be enhanced or transferred to another under franchising team? In the first case like in the other one, James is sure to inflame the universe of sports betting odds.

After the defeat of Heat Miami against the Spurs, Pat Riley’s team has undergone numerous criticisms which, according to him, are exaggerated. Thus, Miami’s president reacts and asserts the strengthening of his players without rebuilding it. And yet, it really seems that Heat Miami would be on the way to be reconstituted with the possibility of LeBron James’s transfer. And the change is great and heavy for the abandoned team, especially under the eyes of sport online bettors. Effectively, with the liberation clause opted by the star of the Miami Heat, it has choice between two options: raising the stakes by signing with another club or demanding an increase which may amount to $127.7 M for five seasons with Micky Arison, the owner of the Heat. Would the latter be ready to break his piggy bank to keep his best pawn?

Will A South American Team Win The World Cup in Brazil 2014?

June 30th, 2014

There are some great South American teams playing in the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Seeing as this tournament is being played in Brazil there is a very good chance that Brazil will take out the tournament this year. In fact, they are many people’s bet to take out the tournament even though they were quite average in their first game of the tournament. It is fair to place them as favourites because the tournament is being played in their country. They know the conditions better than any of the other sides and they also have the support of their nation. The support of a strong home crowd is not something that can be underestimated when you are playing in a tournament of this size. However, Brazil are not the only strong South American team at this year’s World Cup. There are other South American teams that could win this tournament. In particular, Argentina is another strong favourite to take out the tournament and they also happen to be fierce rivals of Brazil. Argentina is not far from Brazil so they will have many of their nations supporters backing their team and the conditions are not too dissimilar from Brazil. Other South American teams that are in with a chance include Uruguay and Chile but in particular the two teams people will be thinking of are Brazil and Argentina. They are the two South American teams most likely to win this tournament in Brazil 2014.

Picking The Top Goal Scorer in World Cup Betting

June 18th, 2014

Picking the top goal scorer in World Cup betting is always going to be tough. Even for avid punters and football fans this is not going to be easy. The reason being is because there is always so many great teams and players playing in each World Cup tournament. Just think of some of the great players in past tournaments such as Ronaldo, Maradona, Baggio. There have been so many throughout the history of the competition so it makes it hard to pick who will be the top goal scorer. This tournament is no different because it features some great players and great teams. In this tournament we have top teams like Spain and the Netherlands from Europe. Then from South America we have Argentina and Brazil. All of these teams feature players that could potentially end up being the top goal scorer in this tournament. Think of players like Robin van Persie from the Netherlands. The Netherlands have the potential to make it into the deep end of this competition so placing a bet on Van Persie for top goal scorer would be quite a wise bet. However, he is not the only player because Neymar from Brazil is another whose team could also feature into the deep end of the competition. The problem is that there are a few players who would be worth placing a bet on so it’s hard to choose who is the best choice. However, that is all part of the fun that comes with World Cup betting.